Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Worldcon 76 Day 5+2: Halfway Home

This morning we slept in a bit, then started loading out of the hotel. Once again the hotel let me borrow a cart. Although it took only one cart load to move in, but somehow two to move out.

Moving Out - Load 1

Here's the first of the two loads. Check out Kuma Bear hanging out supervising.

Moving Out - Load 1

Here's why we called this the best parking space in the garage, at least for staying in the Hilton. This is the first non-disabled parking space you see when you come out the door from the Hilton to the garage, and the gore point next to it means there's more room to stage stuff when loading/unloading.

Moving Out - Load 2

Here, Lisa looks into the van considering how to put the second load into the van.

Ready to Roll

Here's what it looked like after she finished packing the minivan, very efficiently.

We returned the cart, checked out of the hotel ($1400) and paid for the parking ($160), and then we left Worldcon 76 behind.

We had a couple of errands to run, stopping at Westfield Valley Fair and then HSC Electronic Supply -- the latter being more urgent as the current owners are suggesting that if they can't find someone to buy them out, they'll have to close.

Mmmm, blueberries

My birthday is in a few days and Sweet Tomatoes restaurant sent me a free lunch + discount for companions certificate, and there turned out to be a Sweet Tomatoes near HSC, so we stopped there for lunch on the way out. Kuma Bear loves blueberry muffins.

I mentioned that we didn't rush. Maybe we should have done so. It was 3 PM by the time we got going, and the afternoon commute was well under way. That means it took a huge amount of time to grind our way out of the Bay Area. Including a single stop at Lodi Junction for gas, we did not get to Yuba City until nearly 8 PM.

We'll be here in Yuba City tonight. The Econolodge Yuba City is a bit of a letdown from the Hilton San Jose, but it costs a whole lot less. The challenge for me is to try and get the two legal and banking errands I have here done early tomorrow before we check out and head home. It's only 150 miles to home, and I'm ready to go home.
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