Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Welcome Free Trailer Beowulf

Today was a work day for me, and wow am I glad that I work from home. It was really challenging, and by 2:30 PM (by which time I'd put in an eight hour day thanks to my central-time-zone work schedule) I was beat, and went to bed and slept for two hours. Lisa had been working on getting our Worldcon stuff packed away and the family room uncluttered because we had guests coming.

Free Trailer Beowulf

Kirsten and Doug Berry arrived about 6 PM towing the Free Trailer Beowulf, their home-from-home during Burning Man. They're spending the night here before getting an early start tomorrow morning. We filled their water supply (very important for a week in the desert!) and took them to dinner at the Black Bear Diner, where the annual onslaught of Burners had the staff run right off their feet, and many items on the menu unavailable. In fact, the management was so apologetic that they gave us a free small pie on our way out.

We had a fine dinner talking about lots of things including Worldcon, where Kirsten & Doug were on the newsletter staff (and to whom I sent lots of material from WSFS Business Meeting and Site Selection), but also non-fannish things as well. This is a pretty intense period for them with Worldcon on one weekend and Burning Man the following week-plus; much like Lisa and my road trips, only with added heat and dust.

Tomorrow is a wonderful day: the first day in two weeks that I do have an alarm set nor any particular deadlines to meet. There are things that need to get done (like digging out my accounting and reviewing papers that people have sent me), but I can get all the sleep I can handle tonight. And to make it even better, the weather has cooled off, so it should be easier to sleep as well.
Tags: burning man, worldcon

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