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More Reasons Not To Come Back To This Hotel

Unlike every other Holiday Inn Express in which I've stayed, this one has a sign in the breakfast room saying "no food outside this room." The others give you trays to take your breakfast back to your room if you want to do so.

Considering that the street out in front of this building is Business Route 60, and thus was presumably once US-66 (I don't know the exact route of The Mother Road), I assume this HIX is actually a converted old-type Holiday Inn and not a particularly good one at that.

I won't let this spoil my appreciation of the chain as a whole. In fact, Lisa and I liked the one in Paso Robles so much that we've canceled our reservation for the Buellton Best Western and booked a room for our return back in that Paso Robles Holiday Inn Express, even though it's more expensive.

Meanwhile, we're checking out of this place and heading off to the railway museum. Lisa isn't feeling all that well, however. The accumulated stress of getting ready for this trip plus the travel seems to be hitting her rather hard.
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