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Welcome to Anaheim

After a very hot day in Perris (photos later, maybe), we got to the hotel around 6:30 PM. I went and checked us in while Lisa directed the doorman to unload our copious luggage to a cart. It's mildly annoying that I end up having to pay a doorman a tip for dealing with the bags at the curb and then another one to the bellman to actually get them to the room. Anyway, after I checked in, I gave Lisa a key and she went with the luggage cart to the room while I parked the van. She was very efficient, and had most of the big stuff put away by the time I got there. We made a second trip to the van in the garage to collect the bits that didn't easily fit on the hotel's luggage cart.

Our room is one floor above the Lanai deck, which is where the big parties will be. That's fine by me, and I'd previously volunteered to be blocked above and around parties because I won't complain about the noise.

The internet charges are $12.95 for one day or $29.95 for three days. I bit the bullet and bought the entire $90 run of con. Grumble. Yes, I could get it for free if I go over to one of the shops nearby, or I could wait for a terminal in the internet lounge, but the amount of mail I'm receiving (and stuff I'm generating) needs me to be more connected than that. And at least it's a wired connection in the room, stable and fast. Ironically, it is the same provider as the awful connection at the HIX in Moreno Valley.

Now I finally have worked my way through the mound of e-mail and can get cleaned up. We were thinking of maybe hitting the pool and hot tub this evening, as we're not too likely to get chances during the rest of the con.
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