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Iceland Upon Nevada

Today was my birthday, but I had to work a regular work day. However, Lisa wanted to do something nice for me (besides having bought me a new Jacaru hat as my birthday present a few weeks ago), so she took us out to the Peppermill Island Buffet for dinner. We spent most of the evening in Iceland.

Iceland Upon Nevada

As those of you who were there for the 2011 Worldcon may remember, the Peppermill has monitors throughout the building that show pictures from around the world. This was the large screen above our table, which was mostly tonight all-Iceland-all-the-time. This was fine with us. The photo above looked rather familiar. Compare it to this:

Gullfoss Falls

Both are Gullfoss Falls. The lower one was one of many that I took when Lisa and I took the "Golden Circle" tour during our four days in Iceland, which was 53 weeks ago this week.

There were photos of many places in Iceland we did not visit, but also some of places we did visit, like the Gullfoss Falls and also the Parliament House and the square around it. I watched closely of the video taken of the Austurvöllur, because it was at least conceivable (although unlikely) that Lisa and were walking through the square on the day they were shooting the video. There was no sign of us in the video, which appears from the way people were dressed to have been take slightly later in the year.

So we had a good meal and a good set of memories. I'm really glad we got to visit Iceland.
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