Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Visiting Truck Stops

I had a "happy birthday" coupon from Cost Plus World Market that expired after today, and there was other shopping we needed to do today, so after I got done with Day Jobbe Lisa drove us in to Reno/Sparks. Our first stop was the Alamo truck stop and the Iron Skillet there, where they have an affordable Friday Seafood buffet. Suitable stuffed, we made stops at Whole Foods Market, Save Mart, Cost Plus World Market, WinCo Foods, and Raley's Sparks (each of which has different things we want) without making too many impulse purchases.

As we neared Fernley, Lisa realized that we were nearly out of gas. I only then remembered that we hadn't refueled since Lodi Junction on the way home. At the top of the hill above Exit 46, we ran out of gas. But Lisa is both good and lucky, and by putting the van into neutral and taking the corners as fast as she dared (and there being nobody ahead of us), she coasted into the Pilot truck stop and would have been able to pull right into a pump except all of them were occupied, so we were one short. When that person left, I pushed the Astro into place (not difficult) and refueled. So no harm done, although we definitely shouldn't have cut it that close.
Tags: astro, lisa, reno, shopping

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