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Burning Man Dividend

Having today off, and having won (almost) a double free breakfast in my blackjack winnings on Saturday, I walked down to the Wigwam this morning for an extra breakfast.

Exodus Via Fernley

The Exodus from Burning Man passes through Fernley, and some people do stop here and eat. Indeed, the Wigwam was jammed, with a waiting list. They let me through because I was a singleton and they have a small table at the back into which one person can fit, and I'm pretty low maintenance since I always order the same thing. Indeed, they were running so far behind that by the time I was ready to go I hadn't yet received my bill; however, I already know how much it costs, so I just left the correct amount of money on the table and told the server it was there when she was ready for it.

I was dressed like my icon in this message. I spoke to one of the Playa exodees and thanked them for stopping here in Fernley, saying, "Don't let the Redneck Rancher get-up fool you; I'm actually a computer programmer from the Bay Area working from my home here in Fernley. I'm have friends who were out on the Burn with you, and I'm happy to have y'all coming through our town."

After breakfast, I walked to the post office to collect my mail from Saturday, then down to Big R to try and work off some of that food. Along the way, I observed another part of the Burning Man Dividend to Fernley.

Burning Man Dividend

Most or all of the vehicles at the car wash on Main Street were cleaning the usual layer of Playa dust from their rigs. Hanneman Service down the street shut down their car wash a few months back because it wasn't economical to operate it. I dropped by their shop on my walk home because they weren't busy and said that it they could operate it just one week a year, they'd clean up both literally and figuratively. Bob Hanneman agreed, but said that the City won't let them do that; they either have to operate it all the time or not at all.

After breakfast, I had some WSFS documents to review, and after that, Lisa and I headed to Reno to take advantage of a Labor Day sale at Sherwin-Williams. Lisa had carefully retained the paint type from the last time we bought paint from them for the color we use on the stuff on our house. (It's a shade called "Fireweed" red.) And since we were already in town, we made a bunch of other stops. Even then, we ended up missing one, but it's not critical.

Now I need to get back into Day Jobbe mode, which isn't easy when I've been working on 25-hour days this weekend.
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