Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

A Look at Black Gold

Over the weekend, Lisa and I went over to Fallon to look for some things that the larger Big R there has that aren't at the smaller Fernley store. On the way, we had a look at the Black Gold Terminal, which held a formal groundbreaking a couple of weeks ago to built a rail terminal here in Fernley. (I didn't get an invitation to it, but heard about it from the Mayor at the last Fire Board meeting.)

Black Gold Terminal Fernley

If the place looks pretty built-up for having just had a ground-breaking, it's because it's already been a natural gas terminal. Storing large amounts of unodorized natural gas several miles from town and behind a large berm separating it from the highway has always seemed like sound practice to me. The natural gas tankers interchanged in the small two-track yard in front of my house always makes me nervous, even though I like trains.

Black Gold Terminal Fernley

We went no farther than the gate, not having an invitation past that point.

Black Gold Terminals Fernley is the newest expansion of the Blacklands Railroad, a Texas-based company that operates short lines and railroad terminals.

This is in general good news for Fernley, as it supports continued industrial growth in our city. But because the terminal is safely away from all of the built-up areas, I'm not likely to be able to see any of the action. I assume that they'll end up with at least one switching locomotive, but it's not that likely that I'll see it unless they end up with rights to operate between their terminal and the Fernley industrial park.
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