Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Let's Hear it for the Rainbow Fleet

The local BNSF switch job ("Little BN") that serves industries between USA Parkway and the BG Terminal in Fernley is based out of the little two track yard in front of our house. BNSF rotates equipment in and out of here regularly, giving us a bunch of different paint schemes to enliven the parade of Union Pacific Yellow.

Rainbow Fleet at Fernley

This morning, just before dawn, I got out and snapped a photo of this foursome we saw parked in the yard last night. FURX is the reporting marks for what was First Union Rail (now Wells Fargo Rail), a leasing company. The two units on the right have been the regular power for the past few weeks in Fernley. The two on the left are the new power rotating in. At far left is a BNSF locomotive, and while the other one might look like a Norfolk Southern unit, the horse and name have been painted out, and a little FURX under the cab window reveals this to be another lease unit.

A bit of research reveals that FURX 5501 and 5510 are also former Norfolk Southern GP38-2 lease units.

As I was lining up this shot, I saw that the signals at West Fernley had lit up, and just as I snapped it, a Union Pacific container freight roared through in the background at track speed, which is 70 MPH on this stretch.
Tags: bnsf, fernley, trains, union pacific

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