Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Chipmunks Moving In

There are no ground squirrels in Fernley, but there are chipmunks. This afternoon, when I went out to wave to a more-than-6-hours-late westbound California Zephyr, I saw that they were taking advantage of railroad cast-offs.

Chipmunk Village

I saw at least four chipmunks running around this pile of old concrete-and-steel grade crossings piled up in Fernley Yard. The camera phone's zoom only goes to 4x, making it hard to get close enough to photograph the little critters.

I'm not sure what's bugging Amtrak this week, but besides today's very-late-running train, yesterday there was no westbound train at all. From the Amtrak status board, it looks like they must have annulled #6 at Salt Lake City yesterday, and probably put the passengers on buses or planes, which I know I would not have liked at all. I don't take the train to ride a plane or a bus.
Tags: #6, fernley, trains, wildlife

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