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Roof and Porch Work

Yesterday evening, Lisa went up on the roof for the next job. This was much less hazardous than the work she did back in Mehama.

Roof Work

The lower part of the house has a fairly gently-pitched roof. I handed up to Lisa the "pole-axe" (a pole with a saw and clippers on the end of it) and she trimmed branches back from the tree that was threatening to put branches much too close to the chimney.

After coming down from the roof, Lisa joined me on the front porch, where we scraped old peeling paint in preparation for repainting it.

Prepping the Porch

Lisa used the weed blower to try to get the dust, dirt, and paint chips off the porch. We both wore dust masks for this part.

Painting the porch will have to be done in multiple stages, particularly because we need to be able to come and go through the front door. Repainting the area right in front of the door will requires some fancy footwork. Fortunately, the paint seems to dry in only a few hours.

We ran out of paint brush cleaner and had to go get more this evening. After we got home, I happily sat on the front porch and read for half an hour, taking advantage of the pleasant early-autumn weather we're having.
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