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Orange Empire Railway Museum

We took a lot of photos at the Orange Empire Railway Museum, and it took a while for us to sift out the reasonably good ones. The OERM has a good-sized collection, spread over a large site. Not all buildings were open when we were there, but we went into all the open buildings.

These "wig-wag" signals protect the pedestrian crossing near the museum entrance. Just like in the rest of the world, when these signals started to ring, instead of stopping to let the train go by, people ran to beat the train. Idiots. Fortunately, no disasters happened.

Doesn't this guy ever stop working? Here I am working -- well, actually, pouring over the museum map -- at the conductor's desk in the caboose of the excursion train.

Lisa and I climbed up into the cupola of the caboose. I pointed out the stenciled sign behind her. She sniffed and reminded me that she's done a lot more work at the other OERM -- the Oregon Electric Railway Museum -- than I have. She's right, too.

This is the view forward from the cupola of the excursion train's caboose.

And this is the view out the back, except that when they reach the end of the line, the conductor comes and stands looking out the back of the train, which then backs up to the station, so maybe this is forward while we're in reverse. Or something like that.

This preserved Los Angelese Railway narrow-gauge (42 inch) streetcar is one of the two that were running on the museum's electrified loop this day. We rode them both.

The museum has an extensive collection of equipment, much of which is in their car barns. It's difficult to take photos inside the car barns, but here are three vehicles inside the LA Railway barn. We actually spent quite a bit of time poking around the car barns because it was cooler inside them than out in the hot sun.

There is an extensive and well-stocked repair shop, over which I could hear Lisa drooling as we peeked inside.

Although they have numerous car barns, lots of equipment is still stored outside, including this Sacramento Northern electric locomotive, which would have been more at home in the Sacramento Valley. Lisa here is reading the car's history placard.

Dehydrated by the hot conditions, we called it a day after about four hours at Perris and headed for Anaheim, after joining Pat and Julie (who had come out to the Museum as well, arriving while we puttered around the field for a late lunch in Perris. Our interest in trains is sated for a while, I guess.
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