Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Prep Day

Today was the day to get the Rolling Stone ready for my first working trip to the Bay Area in two months. Lisa vacuumed it last night and plugged it into ground power to top off the "hotel" batteries. This morning after breakfast, I took it over to Flying J, refueled, cleaned the windows, and checked the tire pressure, then brought it back home and started fill it with what I need for a week's stay. I think I'm ready to head out on Sunday morning.

Woodbox Preview

Yesterday evening, Lisa and I moved the new small wood box, with removable roof, up to the porch to set it where it will sit once she has repainted that portion of the porch. It seems to fit the way Lisa expected.

This evening, we went to Lowe's can got some silicone sealer (Lisa wanted to seal some holes in the sidewalk lights before it starts raining) and some coarse-grain discs for the disc sander. She'll use that to help remove some of the old paint before she attacks the porch repainting. With me gone for a few days, it may be easier for her to repaint the area around the front door.

Alas, I need to get up way too early on Sunday and then get moving, so I can keep my body clock on getting up at 4 AM since, as I've explained before, I have to get up even earlier when I'm working at the Bay Area office, on account of my commute is more than just the width of the living room.
Tags: house, lisa, woodbox

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