Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Return to Summer

Today I got away from Fernley in good time this moring. Despite having to dodge what felt like about a million motorcyclists heading back from Street Vibrations 2018 and making a brief stop to visit my sister in Sacramento, I made it down to the Bay Area with only a minimum of fuss including slow traffic over Altamont Pass. (I'm starting to think the traffic never is clear there.) So after I go get some dinner, I'm settling in for as many days as I have to stay down here. That's a minimum of Monday and Tuesday. (I should be at BASFA on Monday night.) It might be more. It depends on whether there's a day before Friday that I can get away early enough to drive home.

Unlike Fernley, which is clearly in early autumn, it definitely still feels like late summer once you get down into the Sacramento Valley. Not the blisteringly hot mid-summer, but still summer. I went from running the heater in the Rolling Stone as I set out from Fernley around 8 AM to needing the air conditioning as descended from Auburn later that morning.

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