Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Trip, Interrupted

Today got way too interesting, but I don't have enough awake to write about it in full. Short version: the last of my commitments in the Bay Area cleared up just before 2 PM, and while I was considering whether I could get home tonight, I got a call from a doctor treating my sister at the ICU in Citrus Heights (she got moved there a few days ago again). They thought it best if I could go there, so I set off for Sacramento. It took about 5 1/2 hours to drive the approximately 150 miles, including nearly two hours from Tracy to Lodi Junction where I refueled. Tiny bit of rain apparently causing lots of accidents. I dealt with medical business. Kelli begged me not to try to drive the rest of the way home in the dark and the rain. Lisa insisted that I not do so, either, even though my usual hotels were full. Laying up in the RV not an option for reasons I'll explain in more detail later if I feel like it. And when I started driving in the dark and the rain in Sacramento, I found myself agreeing with both Kelli and Lisa. Driving up into the Sierra in those conditions would have not been pretty. Besides, being up since before 4 AM this morning was catching up with me, four bottles of Diet Coke notwithstanding.

Despite the IHG mobile app saying they were effectively sold out, the Holiday Inn Express did actually have at least one king mini-suite at a not-unreasonable rate, so that's where I am tonight and until mid-day tomorrow.
Tags: family, rolling stone, rv, work

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