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Adulting Is Hard

It's just as well that I did what my sister and Lisa (and others) told me to do and found a hotel last night. (The remodeled Holiday Inn Express Roseville is very nice. I was much taken by the fact that the desk lamp had a "universal" (US/UK/Euro/Australia/etc.) power outlet on it.) Besides allowing me to work this morning at Day Jobbe, it meant that when the hospital where my sister is currently being treated called and asked if I could come talk to them, I only had to backtrack 10 miles. I told my co-workers of the situation. They understood; in fact, they didn't expect me to be there at all today and were surprised that I was at work at my usual 5:30 AM PT start time. I checked out of the hotel as fast as I could, but I had to wait for a while because as I was getting ready to leave, the hotel was bringing in heavy equipment as part of a renovation, so I had to wait until the big-rig cleared. Then I had another twenty minutes to find somewhere I could park the Rolling Stone, as during weekday business hours, there's nothing in the Mercy San Juan Hospital lot. (I ended up parking a couple of kilometers from the hospital on a residential side street that didn't seem to have "resident parking by permit only" signs on it. At least I didn't get ticketed or towed, and I probably needed the walk anyway.) I walked to the hospital, saw my sister again, and met with the medical professionals to discuss what needed discussing. Then I said goodbye to Kelli, walked back to the RV, and called my mother and discussed the situation with her. I considered spending another night down there but the doctors didn't think there was anything to be gained by doing so, so around 1 PM I headed home.

It rained off and on during the drive, but nothing as strong as last night, and driving during daylight made a big difference as well. I had to stop several times because I am wrung out and I needed stops to allow me to close my eyes a bit. Had things gotten too bad, I would have pulled over and taken a nap. It was around 5 PM when I got home. The RV is unloaded, and I'm going to go to bed as soon as I can, because I still have to work tomorrow and make up for the time I lost today by leaving work at only 11 AM. I'm certainly glad that there is nothing more ambitious planned for this weekend other than having our chimney cleaned.

When I got home, I saw that Lisa had been doing some cleaning, and had changed over from summer to autumn configuration in the living room, putting away the air conditioner and bringing out the space heater for use when needed. It has rained some here, so painting operations are suspended until and unless it dries out enough to work on porch painting.
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