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Footsore and Tired

We got over to Disneyland before the official 10 AM opening, although the gates actually open earlier, and didn't leave until after 10 PM. What a day. My feet hurt a lot, although thanks to taping up my toes before going today, I seem to have avoided blisters.

We made a bee-line for the Blue Bayou, but they were all booked up for Monday already. We were able to obtain a lunch reservation for Tuesday afternoon, which is okay because we're using the second day of our 2-day park hopper to go to California Adventure, but there's no problem popping over the Disneyland for lunch.

We managed to ride most of the rides we wanted to ride. Lisa was particularly happy with the current incarnation of Space Mountain, which she says is much more like an improved version of the original than the "middle version" of ten years ago or so.

I'll spare you blow-by-blow accounts of rides. Besides, I'm so tired that the room is spinning around me. Sleep, must have sleep.

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