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Run to the Border

With the Mega Millions jackpot so astronomically high, we decided that we'd go buy some tickets. However, inasmuch as Nevada (understandably) doesn't participate in the lottery, it wasn't as easy as popping down to the corner store. Fernley is just under 50 miles from the California border. Fortunately, one retailer has seen fit to fill a demand.

Lotto Fever

The Gold Ranch Casino (exit 2 on I-80 in Nevada) is just inside the Nevada border and is thus the first/last chance gambling stop. They built a sort-of convenience store on the far end of their parking lot that sits right on the border (as shown on the floor here), with the Lottery terminals on the California side. They were doing a land-office business with a queue out the door and all four terminals running.

The odds of winning are awful, of course, but assuming you don't have a collision (duplicate winning numbers, thus splitting the pot), the current estimated $1.6 Billion jackpot (still around $1 Bn cash value less federal income tax) is a "fair" bet in that the payoff is more than the odds of winning.

On the drive out we discussed some of the things we would do with the money.

Future Headquarters

This currently-vacant building in Fernley is our current target to purchase if we win to house the foundation we'd have to set up to manage that much money. We'd probably need to hire a lawyer and contact the money manager handling Lisa's inheritance money to discuss arrangements before even considering claiming the winnings if lightning does strike.

After buying our tickets to dream, we walked across the parking lot to the casino planning to have dinner. Inasmuch as the dinner is cheaper with their player's club card, I signed up, and Lisa decided to play the X-Files slot machine. Luck struck, as she hit a pretty good-sized jackpot and walked away with about $72 more than she started with. She gave me part of it. Between that winning and the money she and I have spent on Lottery tickets (both today and last night; we did the same trip and managed to get our tickets about 10 minutes before the 7:45 PM PT cut off), we're about even for now. Oh, and the dinner was okay, too.

Neither last night's trip nor today's was solely to buy lottery tickets. Last night we did our large-scale grocery shopping from Winco, and today we went to Bed Bath & Beyond to get another set of the sheets that Kuma Bear likes. (They were out of stock, but they ordered them, and it's free shipping to us in Fernley.) We also made a short trip to Whole Foods Market. Fortunately, we'd eaten, so the damage to my bank account was minimal.
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