Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Last Patch

Over the past few days, we have gotten tantalizing close to completing the major part of the porch repainting project.

The Last Patch

Here's what the final section looked like after the paint had dried on the north end (right in this photo). This section has not seen any paint at all since we bought the house in 2011 except for a small faded part you can see on the right where the fresh paint ends.\

Proof of Concept

Because it's so difficult to use the back door (to refresh: we're worried that it might not be able to be closed when we open it, so until we can afford to replace it, the door is Emergency Exit Only), we still need to be able to come and go when painting. These mini-pallets (part of the packaging for the North Idaho Energy Logs we use for firewood) turn out to be perfect for bridging over the areas to allow us to avoid stepping in paint. Here's what it looked like after Lisa applied sanding-sealer as primer.

Bridging the Gap

The areas where the pallet touches the porch are (mostly) unpainted in this shot, taken after Lisa applied paint to the rest of this final section.

Nearly There

The next day, here's what it looked like after picking up the pallets. You can see the areas where the pallet set, of course. There were parts where Lisa lost track and painted where the pallet sat, but getting paint on the pallet was harmless, and she could apply more paint to those areas as needed.

Protecting the Paint

Lisa put down the final touches (moving the pallets to bridge touching the previous day's now-dry paint) before we headed to Reno (via Verdi and the Lottery) yesterday.

Later today we will pick up the pallets, clear off the porch, put the small wood box in place, put firewood into the small box, and work on some other projects. Painting is not totally complete (the sides and trellis, which are tricky, need painting as well, especially those areas that get lots of direct sunlight), but we're nearly there with the parts where people walk.
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