Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Deck Done

The porch deck painting is complete.

Ready for Winter

Here's the porch deck with the new ready wood box in place ready to load with wood. After removing the mini-pallets from the last part of the painting when the paint had dried, Lisa sawed off part of one of them so that we could put them in the bottom of the small wood box. This allows air to circulate under the wood and means that if rain/snow does get into the box, none of the wood will sit in the water at the bottom of the box. Pressed sawdust fire logs and water do not mix well. I anticipate hanging a plastic sheet over the open side of the box to keep the rain and snow from blowing into the box.

Old Porch Box

The new small wood box is a big improvement over the old box, seen here sitting on a pallet in the yard. You can see the remnants of some of the fire logs that got wet while stored here, even with a plastic sheet draped over them. Lisa creatively re-used existing lumber (some salvaged from the large wood box when she replaced the lid) along with some new pieces we bought to build the new box and provide more shelter for wood stored near the front door. The lid of the new box lifts off to make it easier to load.

Deck Done

Earlier in the day, before we brought the new box onto the porch, here's how the last segment of the deck looked shortly after I pulled up the protective mini-pallets.

Deck Paint Done

Even earlier that day, before the full sun fell onto the deck, this is the view out the front door. As I mentioned, this is the first time this section of the porch has had any paint at all since we bought the house in 2011, and it wasn't very well painted before that.

I'm very pleased with the results of the painting. But we have more work to do (sides, trellis, and there's also another building project that is projected to need the same paint) and we're down to our last gallon of Fireweed Red Sherwin-Williams paint, and furthermore a big paint sale ends today, so after work, we're heading in to Reno to buy some more paint and support our local industry. It's a pity that the Sherwin-Williams paint plant here in Fernley doesn't have a factory outlet; it would save us a trip to Reno.
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