Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Long Delayed Electrical Work

When we had the house inspected prior to buying it, one of the things the inspector pointed out was that the wiring in the bathroom was not protected by a GFI. Lisa had some difficulty finding the kind of outlet she wanted until her friend Chris found one for her.

Today we originally intended on doing some outside work at the house, but the wind came up and made the project inconvenient and even potentially dangerous, so Lisa decided to get the GFI installed.

Master Bathroom Outlets

Here's the finished product. After working out which circuit breaker covers the bathroom and shutting it down, Lisa spent some time working out by trial and error which was the first outlet in the circuit. (It's the one on the left.) That outlet is "upstream" of both the light fixture and the second outlet. By putting the GFI-equipped outlet upstream, it protects all of the outlets downstream from it.

Incidentally, the little indicator light showing that the circuit is live is also a gift from Christopher Carson. It is very handy.

I'm glad we finally got the master bathroom outlets protected like this.

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