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Offers Expiring

After work today, we went to Reno to use some store credit and take advantage of some offers that were expiring today. I didn't really want to go as I was pretty tired, but I also don't like leaving money on the table, so Lisa drove us into Reno/Sparks.

We'd gotten in there so early that trying to leave put us into the middle of rush-hour traffic. Lisa bailed off the freeway and we drove over surface streets into Sparks, where we stopped for dinner at the Iron Skillet (mainly because they put fried catfish back on the buffet). By the time we finished dinner, traffic had thinned out and I wasn't so sleepy and was able to drive us home.

It's supposed to warm back up later this week. I hope it does so without being windy. The next home improvement job required little or no wind and temperatures staying above freezing.
Tags: lisa, reno, shopping

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