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Another Wrong-Way Trucker

The street on which I live is only about four blocks long, but it's split by Fernley's street grid baseline, and thus two blocks are East and two are West. The big diatomaceous earth plant is on the East leg; I'm on the West. This morning, I heard a big rig pull up out front of the house, and then start slowly backing up. I went out and flagged the guy down. I asked him if he was trying to find the Imerys plant. He said yes.

I told him, "You're at the wrong end of the street. It's that big tall silo down there."

He pointed at his GPN and insisted that it had told him to come here.

"Your GPS is wrong," I said. I actually convinced him to get down out of the cab so I could point at the plant, which is the only large industrial-type building around. He was still skeptical.

I told him, "You can drive around the block and get pointed right at it." But no, he had to go down and make a very awkward U-turn (actually more of a WWWWW turn) in a big rig on what amounts to a residential street, because GPS. I know that when I'm towing, I never back up if I can avoid it, even if it means going round-the-houses quite a ways.

He made it down there eventually. I wish that the plant would (a) give their address correctly, with the East in it, and (b) put a sign across from my house pointing at their plant with their name on it in large letters. But I bet that we'd still get trucks pulling up wrong, and no matter what their eyes could see, they'd be stuck because GPS Is Never Wrong. So much for "professional" drivers.
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