Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

More of the Rainbow Fleet

Local trains and switch jobs usually end up with cast-offs and hand-me-downs. The BNSF Local serving industries between Sparks, USA Parkway, Fernley, and Hazen is no exception.

Green Machine

We've had quite a few ex-Santa Fe locomotives show up in Fernley, but I don't remember any ex-Burlington Northern units on the local. This one has been clearly knocked around a bit.

Currently the BNSF local has this locomotive, two FURX (Wells Fargo Rail leasing, former First Union Rail), and one BNSF locomotive to choose from. Based on what I'm hearing on the scanner, only one of the four units works, and it's not this BNSF 2097.
Tags: bnsf, trains
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