Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

That Wood Do It

We've been putting it off for various reasons, but today, the first day of Standard Time, is a sort of marker in our calendar, and Lisa hitched up the utility trailer to the Small Orange Truck and we went to Big R and bought a pallet of North Idaho Energy Logs. As I've written before, we're really glad they started selling these, after they discontinued the "fencepost" wood we'd been buying from them. The wood is 100% compressed sawdust (no binders), squeezed very tight. As long as you don't get it wet, it's just dandy firewood, and generates more heat per cubic unit than cord-wood. A pallet costs $239, and has approximately the same heat as between 1.5 and 2 cords of cord-wood. By comparison, when we bought three cords of wood a couple of years ago from a place in Reno, it cost more than $1000. (And that doesn't even count the annoyance of having their delivery driver knock over our mailbox and dump the wood in the wrong place.)

When we got home, I got kitted up in my coveralls (you do get a lot of sawdust on you when moving this stuff around), Lisa backed the trailer up against the fence, and she handed the logs to me to load into our two wood boxes.

Energy Logs

There's most of the logs in the newly-refurbished large wood box. The cord-wood on the right is the last bits of previous purchases. I'm loathe to burn this all at once because it does have the general virtue of burning longer. It's a little tricky to load the fireplace to burn all night with the fire-logs.

Because of the issues with keeping these logs dry, we've lined the bottom of the box with pallets and the sides with the last of the "fence-posts."

Box Set

Here's the new small porch box, with the lid removed, and mostly full of logs, although I didn't fill it completely. The rolls of brown paper are the paper that wraps the pallets, This can be used to kindle fires, and Lisa also finds uses for the pallets on which the logs come, even if it's just disassembling and cutting them down so the boards can be burned, so very little goes to waste.

Besides what we have in the wood boxes here, there is about 1 1/4 pallets of these logs out in the garage, so we are fairly well set for the colder weather that is just around the corner.

Ironically (but usefully since we were unloading wood), today was relatively warm, so after we got everything put away including stowing the trailer and getting dusted off and the sawdust swept off the porch, we could spend a while just relaxing in our deck chairs on our front porch looking at the trains across the street. We don't get to do that as much as we would like, and it was a nice afternoon to do so.
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