Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Paying the Favor Forward

Yesterday, on my way to the grocery store, I was coming up on the intersection in front of the Pilot truck stop, which is a bad intersection at the best of times, but that suddenly got even worse when a car stopped in the middle of the intersection while a big-rig was also trying to pull out into the road. When I saw the driver get out and start trying to push his car, I realized what happened and I decided to help.

I pulled over out of traffic and (carefully, for there was plenty of traffic trying to dodge around, and with the big-rigs, lots of blind spots) ran over to the stalled car. While I was doing so, someone else coming the other way had done the same thing. Both of us started pushing the guy's car. I called out to him, "Jump in and steer! You've got two people pushing back here!" From my own experiences pushing stalled cars, I know this is more efficient.

He got back into his car and we pushed him into the gas station. (I'm glad there were two of us pushing; the entrance into the Pilot is slightly uphill.) Fortunately for all of us, the nearest pump to the entrance was vacant, and we rolled him up to his pump. He got out and thanked both of us profusely. I said I was happy to help, having been in the same boat myself once. That's the "paying it forward" title to this post. I have run out of gas in the middle of an intersection trying to get to the gas station on the other side, and people came out and pushed me. Helping someone else in the same predicament is a no-brainer to me. Besides, there's a selfish element to it; I wanted the road clear and no accident in front of me.

The driver of that car was black. Both of us helping rescue him were white. I wish it wasn't relevant, but I expect that there are some places where the black driver couldn't have expected anyone to help him at all. I do admit that I was thankful he was driving a small car and not a large vehicle like Lisa's Big Orange Van. I've had to push the BOV, and it's no picnic.
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