Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Why a Duck?

Lisa and I went duck hunting yesterday afternoon.

No, not in the sense of getting kitted up in camouflage and taking shotguns to sit in a cold, wet place hoping that duck comes along. (I've done that when I was younger, though.) This was our Thanksgiving beast for which we were looking. Neither of us is a huge fan of turkey, and from experience we've learned that a duck is just about right for the two of us. This used to be easy when our local grocery store was Scolari's, which stocked duck, pheasant, and geese. But the New Management (Raley's) got rid of all of the game birds and the people behind the meat counter say they can't get them even by special order. So we had to look farther afield.

After work yesterday, we set off for Butcher Boy meat market in Reno. We'd found them once, but they closed for a while, and this is their latest location. And what a selection of fine meats they have, too. The owner gave Lisa the Cook's Tour of the place while I stepped outside to take a call from my sister. We did get the duck for which we came, and we'll be back again in the future. This place is likely to make a serious dent in our grocery budget.
Tags: food, reno

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