Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Thanksgiving Snow

We got rain last night as the storm moved through California (clearing the air and presumably helping dampen down the fires) and into Nevada. It actually warmed up here, with the lows hovering around 0°C instead of -10, and thus the snow didn't reach us, but we could see it this morning.

Thanksgiving Snow

There was snow on the Pah Rah Mountains, starting at what I guess is about 1000 feet above Fernley.

The new and rebuilt wood boxes did pretty well, but we took some damage to a few of the pressed-sawdust fire logs where I didn't drape plastic over the front of the pile sufficiently. Lisa spotted the damaged logs this morning and put what was left of them into the fire before they dissolved completely. They cost about $1 each so we don't want to waste them.
Tags: house, snow, weather

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