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Paying My Repsects

I had to work today, but because our customer takes today off and our warehouses were on light duty, I had a bit more flexibility in my hours than usual. That's good because this afternoon I went over to the fire station to attend a memorial event for Jon Osborne, who was Chair of the North Lyon County Fire Protection District (and as I understand it had been involved as a volunteer long before then) around the time that I started attending the meeting. Osborne died unexpectedly earlier this week. He was apparently a year younger than me. (No cause of death has been announced.)

When Osborne left the board earlier this year, he personally asked me to run for the Fire Board even before he announced his plan to resign as he was moving out of the district. I don't think it was just because I was sometimes the only "member of the public" who attended meetings, even some that were mostly pro forma. I was flattered, and while I did not know him that well, I wanted to pay my respects.

There were a lot of people there. He apparently was quite well known here in Fernley. One of the people there was also holding up a phone doing a FaceTime feed to his family back east holding a similar gathering simultaneously. Many people spoke, and at a point where it seemed that nobody else wanted to, I stood up and told the story above about him asking me to run. Alas, the voters of Fernley seemed uninterested in me this time around, but I may try again in two years, when there will be three seats up for election.

After the memorial, people set to eating the various cakes and cookies, and inasmuch as I still had work to do and way too much pie still at home, I headed back home. I had fortunately remembered to silence my phone during the event, because while our warehouses are on light duty, that doesn't mean no duty, and someone was pinging me about an issue on which I needed to respond this afternoon.

For all that I expected a light day, in the end I logged ten hours, split into several segments working around other things.
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