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Up and Over

While working on Day Jobbe this morning, I kept one eye on the chain controls over Donner Summit, and when they lifted around 9 AM or so with the likely chance of staying off for some hours, I worked on trying to get work to the point where I could stop for a few hours. Lisa started packing the minivan as I settled up work. We got away around 11 AM and set off for California.

Storm Ahead

Things didn't look too bad as we entered California, but the warning sign wasn't kidding. Trucks were being screened and not allowed through unless they had maximum tire chains available. And as we came through Truckee, rain got heavier and the roads got slicker.

Donner Summit

To our relief, this is about the worst it got, right at Donner Summit. Lisa steered us over the top through wintry mix (rain turning to snow), but the road was clear, but wet.


You can't see for the rain obscuring the view, but this is Kingvale, which has been the west end of chain controls at times over the last few days. After this, it was only rain the rest of the way to Sacramento, and even that cleared out for a while (which is good because it made moving in to the hotel easier.

We checked in to the Crowne Plaza Northeast Sacramento. To my annoyance, I found that I'd left my IHG credit card on my desk back home. I have other cards, but paying for IHG hotels with IHG credit cards gives me extra point credit, and I want the points. I'm using them to pay for our hotel rooms in Ireland later this year.

Kuma Bear is the Pillow King

Kuma Bear likes to pile up the pillows and be King Bear of all he surveys.

This hotel room is serviceable (we've had much worse) and we're pretty good at rearranging things to suit ourselves. In this case, we had to move the microwave oven and other items off the desk so I could have enough room to get a few more hours of Day Jobbe work done, but we managed. After dealing with the most urgent things, we popped out to Raley's, got some take-out Chinese food, came back to the hotel, and ate dinner. Lisa took a bath while I finished reports expect of me on Wednesdays.

Santa Rosa is not that far from Sacramento, and our original plans were for us to leave tomorrow morning until the weather required a change. (Based on the weather forecast, I expect chain controls to be back up sometime later tonight as the next wave of storms moves through.) Therefore, we don't have to rush out of here tomorrow morning. We can take out time getting breakfast, packing out, visiting my sister (that was a big determinant in staying here tonight), and then easing out of Sacramento over the morning rush.

By the way, our decision to take the Astro and not Lisa's 4WD pickup includes getting home. Current weather projections show another hole between storms that should allow us to get home Monday without having to put on the tire chains. We do have the chains in the car; we just don't want to have to use them.
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