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Worldcon Day 1: Opening Ceremonies

This afternoon, L.A.con IV officially started with the Opening Ceremonies, and I was part of it.

After they showed an episode (complete with commercials) of Tom Corbett, Space Cadet, the stage lights came up, and I entered, in my WSFS uniform with Space Cadets sash, pushing a large broom. As I got across the stage, Vince Docherty and Colin Harris entered, and Colin called out, "Captain Standlee, what are you doing here?"

I turned, startled by their entrance, and glared at them. "I've been asking myself the same question! After all, you're Colin Harris and Vincent Docherty, proprietors of the White Star Federated Spacelines and chairman of last year's Worldcon in Glasgow. But I'm just Kevin Standlee, disgraced WSFS captain! And even though the Board of Inquiry cleared me of any wrongdoing in the Armadillo Affair, all I get now is scutwork! When the Space Cadets reactivated my commission, I thought I was going to have an important job. Instead, they handed me this!" And I brandished my broom.

Colin said, in a tone that suggested he didn't mean it, "That's a pity. Although I always say that you can't run a good business without tidy floors."

I glared further at them as Colin continued, "Anyway, we have important business here with the chairman of this year's Worldcon, so you need to clear the area."

I turned and began to stalk off, and Colin stopped me. "Oh, Kevin? You missed a spot"

I furiously swept myself out. I was pleased to hear the audience give us a round of applause for that performance.

Vince and Colin then went on to do the thank-yous and handover to Christian McGuire, including giving him a gift that keeps on giving: various liqueur chocolates. Christian then gave small gifts to Vince and Colin, along with a package of tartan colored "So Long and Thanks for All the Haggis" badge ribbons.

Thus ends the Interaction portion of the ceremony. I was so relieved to have my part done with that I didn't pay such close attention to the rest of the Ceremony, but Christian did introduce the Guests of Honor, including the two who regrettably have passed away. Connie Willis said a few words, including answering frequently asked questions, starting with, "No, I haven't finished my next novel yet.

The L.A.con IV Committee presented Connie Willis with a framed movie poster.

Connie appeared to be delighted with the gift, and admitted to having had a crush on Van Johnson when she was growing up.

Christian then produced the Gavel of WSFS and officially called the convention to order and another Worldcon was under way.

I'm quite pleased at how the Ceremony turned out, especially because we'd had next to no chance to rehearse and the lines were still in a state of flux until shortly before the ceremony. Vince, Colin, and I did get one brief chance to walk through what we'd be doing on stage. Early birds got to see us blocking it out twenty minutes or so before the ceremony started. Ah, live theatre.

Lisa (who took all of these photos) also managed to record video of a portion of my contribution to the ceremony, but it's 12 MB. I'm trying to decide whether I want to use that much of my file/photo storage space for a single video clip like that.
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