Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

SMOFCon 2018 Night 2: To the P&S Seminar

18 members of SMOFCon eventually turned up for the Probability & Statistics Seminar.

Okay, it's a Texas Hold-Em tournament. (No rake, all buy-ins go back to the players; effectively it's a home poker game, thus legal.) With 18 players, we started with two tables of 9, and as is the way with these things, the first few rounds were cheap, but they rapidly get more expensive.

As the blinds grew, so did the pressure. Having a hand with 6-10 suited and a 4-7-8 flop, and not enough ammunition in my stack, I found the player on my right having gone all in and me versus Judy Bemis. When the turn was a 9, I thought my ship had come in. Who manages to draw three cards to an inside straight? I went all in, Judy called, and we faced our cards. Judy had a flush! Rats! That did for me, and left the remaining player, who had 4-4, with a single "out". The river: a 4! She flopped quads on the river to more than triple up! An epic hand that would have made the telecast had it been on the WSOP.

I of course am always the last one out because I'm responsible for the supplies. Because of the faster round times and steeper blind projections, we managed to end in just under 3 hours.

The top four players finished "in the money":

1. Sean McCoy ($110)
2. Mark Linneman ($40)
3. Dave McCarty ($20)
4. Judy Bemis ($10)

With next year's SMOFCon in Albuquerque, Lisa and I plan to drive, so that means it will be much easier to get the chips there. Those cases are heavy! I'll take them all home and store them until we need them again next December.

After cleaning up the function room and returning the chips to our hotel room (fortunately just around the corner), Lisa went to bed and I went to the Con Suite for a little late night smoffing. Alas, I guess the rooms directly above the Con Suite (which is on the ground floor) must have non-fans in them, because around 3 AM the hotel came to tell us there was a noise complaint, and not the first one), so it was time to turn in.

I set my computer to pulling the video off the P2 cards from the camera, wrote this stuff up, and got ready for bed. I'm glad I have no commitments for Sunday morning, because it's 3:30 AM and I definitely need some sleep.
Tags: poker, smofcon

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