Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Threading the Weather Needle Back Home

The weekend was full of snow in the Sierra. Tomorrow a new storm is coming through. But today it was clear, as forecast, and we made it home.

We slept in just a little bit this morning, but it was relatively easy to move out of the room because the weather was clear and one of the two doors in our ground floor room opened into the parking lot where the minivan was just a few steps away.

Checking out, we bade farewell to those people we saw (apparently about 30% of the members stayed over last night; we saw some of them) and set off for home. In Sonoma, we stopped for breakfast at the Black Bear Diner, collecting our first new one in their passport program since the trip to Tempe in July 2017. We expect to collect as least two more on the Westercon trip next summer (Layton and Ogden seem likely), which will complete Level 4 in their program and get us a new piece of BBD swag.

In Sacramento, we stopped to see my sister for a few minutes. She had presents for me and Lisa, and I promised that (weather permitting) I would be by again before Christmas with a basket of goodies for her.

Near the Summit

Lisa did most of the driving today, which allowed me to snap this picture of the snow in the mountains as we neared the Donner Summit area. The roads were mostly clear, and while wet in places were not icy. (They probably are tonight, though, which was the biggest reason for trying to get back down out of the snow zone before sundown.

We got home a little after 6 PM. While it's cold in the house, it is not freezing. The electric space heaters managed to keep the temperatures above 10°C. I have the fireplace started again, although it will likely take a while to get things comfortable again. Lisa took refuge in her travel trailer, where the relatively small cubic area and propane furnace will allow her to stay warm. I need to get unpacked and wound down enough to get to bed, because tomorrow I'm back on the Day Jobbe with that 4:45 AM alarm.
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