Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

First Snow of the Season

To my surprise, it wasn't too difficult getting up at my normal work day hour. It was still cold in the house, but there was still some fire in the wood stove, and shortly after starting work for the day, I went to the porch to get a couple of fire logs.

First Snow at Fernley House

Light snow was falling. The small box was doing its job, though, and I was able to reach out and get logs without having to walk through the snow.

I stoked up the fireplace and went to work.

Morning Fall

Light snow continued to fall for hours. This is what it looked like a bit after sunrise (not that you could see the sun for the heavy clouds full of snow). Accumulation was around 2-3 cm, I think.

When I could take a break from Day Jobbe, I got out the brooms and kitted up to sweep snow. I noted that the freshly painted porch sheds snow more readily than it did when it was down to bare wood.

I swept the porch and sidewalks from end to end of the property. There was almost no snow around the travel trailer, as the shelter there is doing its job, although if any wind comes up, it's likely to blow some into the area and under the trailer.

The snow trailed off mid-day, but started up again around the time I quit work, which is a shame because we needed to get groceries from the local store. I scraped ice off the windshield and gingerly drove over to Raley's. On the way home, Lisa drove and I had us go by Starbucks where I bought a coffee as much to warm my fingers as my insides.

I like the snow, but that's possibly because working from home I don't have to travel in it and can watch it from the front porch. I don't even mind sweeping and shoveling it, as it gives me exercise in lieu of walking around on icy streets. I'm glad we got home last night and didn't have to travel over the pass today.
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