Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Multi-Way Icicles

There's no direct sunlight yet here as the days remain overcast, and there might have even been a few tiny snow flurries, but the daytime highs are edging over freezing during the middle of the day before heading south again overnight. This, combined with the snow slowly relaxing from the roof of the garage, carport shelter, and house, has led to some interesting formations around the eves.

Multi-Way Icicles

Here icicles formed, then slid diagonally, then reformed in a new direction.

Snow Curls

Eventually the snow will fall way from the roof over the carport, but until then it looms in a curl. Unlike the house, there's nothing heating it from underneath.

Mind the Ice

There are some rather menacing-looking daggers hanging off the roof here, but inasmuch as nobody ever walks along this area, we're not too concerned about it.

Fernley's Christmas parade is this Saturday. Assuming the weather holds about as forecast, there should still be snow making the town look more traditional for the holiday season.
Tags: house, snow

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