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Fernley Christmas Parade

This year, Fernley's Christmas Parade was scheduled to be after sundown so that people could see the light-decorated floats. That did make photographing it challenging. I took a shot at it, though. Photos and video after the cut.

Fernley Christmas Parade

Fernley Christmas Parade

Fernley Christmas Parade

Fernley Christmas Parade

There were two marching bands and a dance team in the parade. The dance team worked out how to be seen in the nighttime parade.

Fernley Christmas Parade

This was the biggest of the floats.

Fernley Christmas Parade

The high school marching band (partially lit up like the dance team) came though.

Fernley Christmas Parade

Spot Santa Grinch on this float.

Fernley Christmas Parade

The fire trucks (and other emergency services) brought up the tail of the parade).

This is the first of Fernley's parades that I've actually seen while it was marching, as opposed to forming up on Front Street in front of the house. After the parade, I walked down from my vantage point in front of Big R to the Fernley Depot, where I arrived in time for the ceremonial lighting of the town's Christmas Tree in front of the depot. I wish the city had been able to reach an agreement with the Fernley Historical Society and hadn't ordered the owners of all of the rail equipment that used to be in front of the depot to remove their stuff. The place looks barren without the rail gear and the signal gantry that used to be there.
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