Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


Last night, we had a round of "wintry mix" (icy rain) and this morning through mid-day there were tiny snow flurries, but nothing that stuck, except on the porch, where I repeatedly swept the stuff to keep it from turning our front porch into a skating rink. But then this afternoon the clouds parted for the first time in more than a week and we saw the sun over Fernley for the first time since we got home from SMOFCon. Lisa decided this was a sign that she could actually put up our Christmas lights.

Christmas (and Other) Lights

We don't do the massive elaborate lights that many others around us put up, but Lisa was happy to decorate the front porch with a string of colored lights. In the photo you also see the other lights that come on every evening to light the sidewalk from one end of the property to another. That's a gift the keeps on giving every night and that makes both Lisa and me happy with the incremental improvement to our house.

If tomorrow's weather is as good as this afternoon, we may go buy another pallet of fire logs. Most of the drips from the roof are done, so we would be able to put the logs away without them getting dissolved while we stacked them.
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