Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

So Long, Chief Huntley

This evening's North Lyon County Fire Protection District meeting was well-attended (especially considering that the Board often cancels its December meeting). It turned out to be pretty short, too. At the start of the meeting, the Board read out a letter from Chief Huntley announcing that he was leaving the department as of 17:00 hours today (one hour before the meeting, and he wasn't present at the meeting). The Board also read a statement announcing Huntley's departure, and declaring that all matters having to do with an investigation of his management of the department were to be sealed. And that's all they have to say on the matter, as part of a settlement between the district and now former Chief Huntley.


After that, the rest of the meeting was rather anti-climactic. One other substantive item (a temporary short-term loan of one of the district's fire engines to neighboring Mineral County while they work on repairing/replacing the one engine they had down in Mina) passed, and they scheduled a meeting for next Thursday where they will tackle the practical matters of keeping the department running while they search for a new Chief.

I'm sad, but not terribly surprised, by Chief Huntley's departure. Lisa and I thought he was a good Chief, interested in not just fire suppression, but fire prevention. But he appears to have made enemies, and when I saw where things were heading, I did tell him that if he had a better offer that he should take it. I hope he finds a new position that can use his considerable talents.
Tags: fire, north lyon county

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