Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Duck Hunt

I was feeling well enough yesterday that after work (and after I cleaned the fireplace and Lisa did some repairs to the fireplace door, the latch of which was working loose), we went into Reno to hunt for a Christmas duck from Butcher Boy. They had run out of them in their display case, but had some in the back, so we're set. We went to the Peppermill, where the hostess recognized us and seated us at our usual table even though they weren't generally seating people in that area of the Island Buffet that evening due to it being a quiet night. (We prefer quiet nights!)

Over dinner, I learned another lesson about "check your keno ticket" because it wasn't until I cashed it that I realized that the keno runner had mis-read how I'd marked my request, and consequently she'd issued me a different set of numbers than the ones I requested. I would have broken even on my own numbers instead of losing $8. Yep, need to pay closer attention. I didn't bother protesting. I've read the rules: the ticket they issue is what counts, not what you intended, unless you call it to their attention at the time they issue it.

I think we'll have to make at least one more trip to Reno before Christmas for some grocery items that we can't get in Reno ever since Raley's took over Scolari's grocery store.
Tags: reno, restaurants

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