Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


As I mentioned yesterday, Lisa made and gave me a leather belt pouch for my mobile phone.

Christmas Present

She made this using a kit we picked up from Tandy Leather Co. in Sacramento on our way back from SMOFCon. It uses Velcro to hold the pouch shut. I do have to take some care not to close it too tightly, or the phone will try to stay on continuously, which of course will drain the battery fast.

I've been surprisingly lucky with the current phone. It popped out of the old holster several times in Iceland, and a few weeks ago did it again while I was crossing the street here in Fernley. Every time, it has landed on an edge or back, rather than on its face, and thus only has a few nicks rather than a shattered face-plate.
Tags: christmas, lisa

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