Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

SMOFCon 36 Documents & Videos

SMOFCon 36 in Santa Rosa has come and gone, and at the convention's web site you can find under Programming links to presentations and handouts of many of the program items, program notes taken by volunteers, the filled out bidder/convention questionnaires for groups that participated in the Fannish Inquisition, and links to the videos that Lisa shot of SMOFCon / NASFiC / Worldcons / Bids there. However, besides the fact that some people are getting security-certificate warnings now that the site has "downgraded" on account of no longer taking people's details (after all, there are no membership sales to a convention in the past), it seems likely that eventually the web site itself will go away. SFSFC was the corporate parent of SMOFCon 36 (our third SMOFCon that we sponsored). Our own corporate website is of indefinite duration, so we've set up a SMOFCon 36 page to contain the programming documents, Inquisition questionnaire answers, and the links to the two playlists: one for SMOFCon bids and the other for Worldcon/NASFiCs and bids for same.
Tags: nasfic, smofcon, worldcon

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