Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Quiet NYE in Fernley

I had to work at Day Jobbe today. Fortunately, it was a very slow day, but someone on our team had to be on duty. Lisa and I had no big plans. We could, of course, have gone to Reno, but neither of us was in a big party sort of mood. We thought of going to the Black Bear Diner, but they closed early, which surprised us as I would have thought with all of the activity in the adjoining casino they would have stayed open late. We took advantage of the promotional coupon from the casino, and Lisa came out ahead — by forty cents. There was no point in us entering their New Year's Eve party draw, for the prize was a wheelbarrow full of various alcoholic beverages. We don't drink alcohol, and we already have a wheelbarrow. So we left and went over to the Silverado casino, where their restaurant was bustling, with specials for New Year's Eve and no set closing time. Dinner was good, but there wasn't much else to keep us there. We were home by 9:30 PM. Thanks to my work schedule, there's a good chance I'll be asleep when the new year begins here in a few hours. I'm not complaining. Lisa and I put most of our excitement into other parts of the calendar, and when I consider what 2019's Worldcon trip will cost (not to mention 2020!), it makes me less excited about "conventional" party times for us. I'm just as happy to come home and throw another log on the fire, especially with tonight's temperatures projected to go down to -10°C.
Tags: fernley, lisa

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