Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Full Tanks, Full Wood Box

After breakfast at the Wigwam, I walked down to the Frontier Fun Center and bowled for the first time in weeks. (I'd blown such money as I had for such entertainment when I made the extra trip to San José to see Who's Holiday in December.) I'm obviously rusty, as my average was only 100 for three games, down from around 115.

Virginia Mountains

Walking to the lanes, I was taken by how nice the Virginia Range looked in the morning sun, so I took a few photos looking out over the fields toward the subdivision that direction (and the big F that the high school students apparently white-wash each spring). The Virginia and Pah Rah Ranges are divided by the Truckee River that forms the canyon through which Interstate 80 runs between Reno/Sparks and the rest of Nevada, including Fernley.

When I got home, I found that Lisa had been trying to call me, but I hadn't heard the phone ringing in the noise of the bowling lanes. Apparently there had been an emergency call out from the fire station for someone of approximately my description and happening only a short distance from the house. By the time she'd got to the described location, North Lyon County FPD had already transported the person into Reno/Sparks for treatment. She was worried about me until I came home.

There was a tiny dusting of snow on the porch when I got up this morning, but it cleared for most of the first half of the day. However, rain and snow are heading our way. As I write this, a 70-mile stretch of I-80 in the Sierra is closed due to white-out conditions. We may get some snow this evening. Lisa hitched up the utility trailer and we went to Big R and bought another pallet of 240 North Idaho Energy Logs and got them loaded into the wood box. After that, we took an empty propane bottle down to Hanneman Service to get refilled. We got lucky there, as the only person on duty was just about to head out on a road-service call, but refilled our bottle before going out to do the tow. Apologies to whoever's AAA rescue we delayed by a few minutes.

Time to hunker down in the warm indoors and let it snow.
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