Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Della Louise Reynolds Tranquilli, RIP

My mother, Della Louise Reynolds (at left in the user icon; Tranquilli was the name of her third husband, who died years ago), was found dead today in her home in Dobbins, California. The man with whom she had been living (very happily) for some time had died ten days ago, and Mom was clearly broken-hearted about it. My sister spoke to Mom a couple of days ago, and based on how bad Mom sounded, asked a close family friend to check on her. The friend found Mom dead and called the sheriff.

I'm the sole heir and executor of the estate. The family friend who lives near where Mom lived is the alternative executor and has told me she will help in every way that she can.

Based on what I know now, it does not look like I will have to rush down to California (which is good due to the weather; I would have taken the train and rented a car in Sacramento if necessary). I've spent this evening making many, many calls, talking to the deputy sheriff, my sister, the family friend, the brother of the man with whom Mom had been living (who owned the property in which Mom had been living), and so forth.

Lisa has been extremely supportive, and I'm very grateful for that.

I've been having to do a whole lot of "adulting" for my family, and this just ramps it up a notch. But I think my grandparents who raised me would be happy with how I'm handling it.
Tags: family
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