Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Ity Bity Travel Trailer

While walking to the fire station last night to attend the Fire Board meeting, I took a picture of the smallest travel trailer I've ever seen.

Tiny Trailer

A bit of research about the Lil' Loafer finds that these trailers have a small kitchen area (three-burner stove and oven) and a dinette that folds into a bed. There's no toilet or washroom, and Lisa thinks they probably didn't have either water tanks or holding tanks, and thus could only be fully used in a park setting where they could "moor" to groundside utilities and give the user access to showers and toilets.

It's a cute little thing, but the kind of RV living Lisa and I have done requires something in which you can at times go off-grid rather than having to go from RV park to RV park. But it's probably a very light tow, easily towable by car rather than needing a truck.
Tags: rv, travel
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