Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Another Flying Visit

The weather this weekend was so good that Lisa and I ran down to made a day visit to my sister in the nursing facility in Sacramento. She was happy to see me, and was looking fairly good. It looks like the candy basket we bought her for Christmas was put to good purpose. (She saved the wrapper from one of the candies she particularly liked.)

We visited for more than two hours, but eventually we had to head for home, including a stop to get some lunch, a visit to Fry's Electronics (getting things you can't get in Reno), and a somewhat unexpected stop at the newly-reopened Gold Run rest area on I-80 when Kelli's son (my nephew Shane) called, and rather than risk losing the signal while driving on east, we stayed put while he and I took care of some necessary arrangements.

We got home around 7 PM. I'm glad to have had a chance to go see Kelli, who needs us to come visit as often as we can. I'm also glad that I'm back in communication with another branch of the family who was unaware of where Kelli was being cared for and that can now go see her.
Tags: family

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