Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

People Never Learn

A few days ago, after the day of snow (that didn't stick), we had some pretty cold temperatures overnight. Result: icy roads. I could hear the consequences over the radio scanner.

Icy Streets in Fernley

This photo isn't that dramatic because I took it when I went for a walk a little while later after wreckers had cleared away most of the vehicles in two separate accidents on Main Street about 20 minutes and one block apart. On the left in the parking lot in front of the China Chef restaurant is a white vehicle that got clobbered (with some of the debris still piled on the sidewalk). To the right of the pink building in the right distance is the Hanneman Service flatbed preparing to crank a totaled car from accident #2 (which I assume happened due to the backup from #1) onto the bed and take it away to their wrecking yard.

I wasn't there — my house is a block away from Main Street and I can't see it from the house on account of other buildings are in the way — but I assume from what we had at our place that there was a bunch of ice on the streets and that people lost control accordingly. Even at the low speeds on Main Street, you can still lose traction.

Fernley is in a desert, but it's one that gets some snow and rain and cold weather. Why don't people realize you can't drive the same on icy roads as you do on a hot summer day?
Tags: driving, fernley, weather

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