Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Keep Walking

Today is forecast to be the last day of clear weather for a while. We've been taking advantage of the the last few days by going out walking around town a fair bit. But I got caught out a bit this evening, as I didn't realize how long we were going to be out when we started, and thus by the time we were heading home, it was after dark. That by itself wasn't a problem, but both Lisa and I were wearing black. When we're going to be out after dark, I try to wear my yellow coat and/or an orange reflective safety vest. When crossing Main Street at the traffic light, as I feared, traffic turning right from US-95 onto Main would have run us down if we hadn't been ready for them. The first car charged right through. The second one, thankfully, actually stopped and let us go. I'm sure the driver of the first car was astonished at the concept of someone walking at all. But no matter, we got home in one piece and that's what matters.
Tags: fernley, walking
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