Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Rare Downtown Trip

Early this evening, Lisa and I went into Reno planning to do so some shopping, get some dinner, and finish with our large grocery run. (WinCo Foods is open 24/7 and thus doesn't constrain our plans.) We first went to Cost Plus World Market for a combination of things that we get regularly and few specialty things I wanted to have tomorrow. Unfortunately, they've stopped carrying the pickled eggs that I like now and then. I'm now annoyed with myself for throwing away the empty (except for the pickling brine) jar of pickles last week; I could have dropped some hard-boiled eggs into the jar and made my own.

After Cost Plus, we decided to try something different and drove to downtown Reno, where we rarely venture these days. We walked through a bunch of the casinos, but nothing really interested us, or else we didn't want to wait a long time to get a seat. On a whim, we detoured through Harrah's, where we decided to give their Hash House a Go Go franchise a try. The food seemed pretty good, once you got past what I considered the much too elaborate presentation. If they're really trying to evoke farmhouse cooking, they are doing it wrong, at least compared to this raised-on-his-granparents'-farm boy's memory. And I really don't see the need to toss asparagus and sage on so many things. But again, the food itself was good and we may give them a try again sometime, possibly if we come downtown to see a Reno Aces game this coming season.

After dinner, we decided to skip the WinCo run and head home, it being a bit later than we originally anticipated when we made our plans. We might come in sometime this coming week, after this storm that is moving through (our trip this evening was between the two waves of the storm; we might get snow tonight) has blown itself out.

Still, we really need to remember that coming to Reno on Friday/Saturday is often more than we want now that we live in the area. We're Sunday-Thursday off-peak locals now; the weekend rush and big crowds are off-putting. That's boring we are.
Tags: reno, restaurants

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