Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Fun With Exhibits

The exhibits area wasn't quite the way I expected. Maybe I lost track along the way of how it was to be configured. I was expecting a couple of display flats, like in an art show; I had wanted a flat table or two, but forgot to ask for it. So I was a little surprised when I came to Emerald A and found that my display was actually two eight-foot tables in a corner of the exhibits room. For flat-panel stuff, we're allowed to use the hotel-safe blue and green tape.

This is not so bad -- in practice, I find that I brought a lot more material than would have fit on just the display flats, and having both the wall and the tables means I have more room to show stuff that wouldn't show well on the flats. On the other hand, being in a corner makes it more difficult to display some things. Had I known the exact configuration, I would have brought the 2002 Hugo Award trophy, which would have fit well in the point. Ah, well, I seem to have managed.

I also am not sure how well some of the things will hold up. There are displays of fanzines, for instance, that may get moved around or blown off the table. I'll have to come by periodically and keep an eye on things.

Among the things in the exhibit is the gigantic ConFrancisco membership badge presented to me at the CF Closing Ceremonies. Unfortunately, my real badge from 1993 -- which is supposed to travel with the giant badge in order to demonstrate what inspired the giant badge -- is not with it. I hope that means my old badge has simply been put in one of the other pieces of the Worldcon history exhibit and does not mean that they've lost my old CF badge. I worked hard on that badge and would rather not have it lost.

Regrettably, the department-store mannequin has not yet appeared. I'm told the piece that keeps it standing up has gone missing. This means I may not be able to display the costume I hoped to display. There's a photo of me wearing it in the exhibit, but I had hoped to surprise people by putting the whole costume on display. (I can't wear it unless I drop another 70 pounds, I think -- something that doesn't seem so impossible as it would have done a year ago.)

There are numerous other display areas in the room, one containing the History of the Hugo Awards, another for Japanese Fandom, another for Northwest Fandom, and some other things. On advantage of me being here early was that I had more or less the run of the room this evening, which is good because it took me about three hours to get everything set the way I wanted.

Somewhat to my surprise, Registration was not open this evening. I observed the Art Show equipment being loaded in this evening. I hope that not having pre-reg available the day before the con doesn't mean huge queues Thursday morning.

E-mail service update: the wired internet connection in the hotel rooms is not free either, but it appears to be provided by the same company as provides the wireless service in the lobby, and the login for the one works on the other. This isn't ideal at $10/day, but at least means I can work either from the wired or wireless connections.
Tags: cascadiacon, nasfic

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